Foto: Jon-Petter Thorsen

How Trude and Kunstsilo will move you

New Perspectives 02.08.2021

Imagine that you are listening to music – to Bach or Grieg; Pink Floyd or Metallica; Sigrid or Aurora; Dylan or Cohen.

It is not about analysis and knowledge. It is about experiencing – being touched and moved.

It’s the same with art.

“You do not need to be an expert to be touched by art. You don’t have to analyse a work before it can give you something. One can get excited or moved without understanding why it happens,” says the artistic director of Kunstsilo, Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad.

Artistic director at Kunstsilo/Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad. Photo: Jon-Petter Thorsen

Varied exhibitions on offer

Trude wants people to feel that the threshold into Kunstsilo is low, both because the museum building will be accessible and inviting, and because the exhibition rooms will have something to interest everyone.

“Kunstsilo is meant to be innovative. We want to get to know our target groups, so that more people can experience art and come to love it. We have a large building with three floors accessible to the public, and we will therefore be able to provide a variety of experiences. There will always be something that touches you somewhere in this house, whether you are 87 and have visited art exhibitions all your life, or seven years old and never been to a museum before,” she says.

Insight and involvement

If you are going to a big concert, your experience will begin long before the artist comes on the stage. You will have developed relations to the music well before the concert starts. You have investigated, discussed and received various impulses. The same will be true for the exhibitions in Kunstsilo. They will live their own lives long before the official opening of the museum.

“The entire art experience will be different. You should have a relationship to the exhibition when you first see it, and also after it is finished. Then it will be important for us to have a stronger presence in social media and get closer to our visitors. We want to provide insight and create involvement, so that people can experience something they actually know already,” says Trude.

Conversations and debates

Art opens the way for feelings, reflections and philosophical thinking. It makes us ask questions and creates debate. Kunstsilo will also be a platform for this.

“It is definitely part of our job to facilitate conversations and discussions around the topics raised in the exhibitions. Artists will be able to talk about the meaning of their works, and other voices will also be welcomed. Creating debate is part and parcel of being a relevant museum. Debate might be a catalyst in transforming our art experience into new perspectives on things.”

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